Five Reasons to have Good Library in an Institute

Recognizing the role of library in a child’s life is crucial to his/her intellectual development. This role has to be realized by both parents and academic institutions that play an important part in their career modeling. There are many reasons as to why academic institutions must maintain a rich library and why parents and teachers should encourage them to visit or explore it. Let us get to these reasons one by one.

Rich Library -> More visits -> More Reading

A rich library always attracts readers no matter how young or grown up they are. They will keep visiting for more once they find something interesting and something related to their liking. More visits often lead to more reading; and reading, as we all know, is a brain food. Research suggests that reading inevitably boosts the brain development. As a fact, it turns on the brain cells, strengthens the existing links among brain cells and creates new cell links.

Library time is active time

Usually, institutions take library time to be passive which is their worst mistake. Because the reality says the time that a student spends in a library is more active than anything else. When you happen to self read a book, a journal or even academic material in a pin drop silence environment, you automatically start grasping the material at a much faster rate.

Library is not just an eerily quiet place with lots of hushing, but a zone where today's young library patrons get engaged with books, magazines and other kids on mutual interest level.

Children get access to more books and magazines than they cannot afford to buy

Most students study on a budget and have to keep a check on their expenses. Every one of them cannot afford to buy expensive foreign author books. But by maintaining a good collection of books in the library, you can literally give them access to a knowledge portal that they can only dream to have.

Children can get aligned with librarian

Most often librarian can recommend books to children that can help broaden their tastes and expand their thinking sphere and vocabulary. These books may not even be known to teachers or guardians. Providing a library in academic area definitely helps them up with their overall development.

Owning a library card makes a kid responsible

As card-carrying library patrons, these young kids learn how to take care of things that belong to others. When a kid gets a book issued in his name, he earns a high feeling and feels trustworthy. He takes himself to be a member of community towards which he holds a responsibility.
So, give your library a makeover and do not underscore its importance. And for parents, always encourage your child to take a visit to library even when he is not in a mood to really read; because when a kid gives a visit, it so happens that something or someone can trigger an interest in him/her and entice him to take a step ahead: READ!