Web Tools for Educators that they must know about

We work to our full capacity and keeping up with technology feels like one more chore to-do. Still, learning about few of these best Web tools is definitely worth your time. High-thinking and creative teachers are frequently using these intuitive programs and websites to enhance interactivity and boost performance. These web tools can save you a lot of hassle of day-to-day life.  So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Sharing and Collaborating
The main aim of Internet was to foster communication but it is only in the last few years that educators have started using this platform for the same. It has enabled them to create websites and offer a list of online resources, and all this without any need to learn code. A plethora of free document programs enable them to begin an assignment or even a group project at school and continue it at home or a local library.
Some of such tools are:
•    Google Docs
•    Google Forms
•    WordPress
•    EduBlogs
•    WikiSpaces

Classroom Innovation
For persons having an interest in flipped classroom or differentiated instruction, some of these sites can be really helpful.
•    Khan Academy
•    EdX
•    MIT Opencourseware
•    TED-Ed
•    Edmodo

Some of the best teachers and schools provide free material online on these sites which can be used to supplement the given lessons and help students better prepare for tests.

Organization and Planning
While gathering resources from multiple places, it can really be a challenge to keep everything organized. For example, bookmarked resources on one laptop might not be available when you are working from another machine. Fortunately, there is an assortment of web tools that can help you keep everything super-straight. These sites allow you to move between devices and that too without any service fee. In addition to Google Docs and Edmodo given above, Evernote and DropBox can help you with organization.

As such, there are many tools available online. All you need is to open and explore them, and get the best out of them.

Happy learning!