Online Group Collaboration Strategies to Boost Learning

Learning is not limited to classrooms now. With the advent of new technological tools, it has become possible for remotely located students to join their educators and peers for learning modern skills and acquiring advanced knowledge. Distance and time is no longer a constraint for acquiring knowledge. But to make sure that that students stay inspired and focused towards their learning and get the most out of their interaction with fellow students and teachers, appropriate strategies for learning activities are required to be formulated and executed, or else students may get misguided.
The right strategies will not only enable the educators to think and create interesting, comprehensive coursework and exercises but will also encourage the students to open up to their educators and other peers in the group. As such, implementing right strategies is a must to enforce learning through online group collaboration. So, without any further ado, let’s start exploring these strategies.

Strategies to devise Group Learning Activities

Transparent definition of projections and purpose

The relevancy of a specific learning activity should be defined clearly and also as to why being a part of the group or working together will be beneficial to the students.

Providing straightforward instructions to students in a group

A seamless working of a group requires clear definition of the objectives along with proper and clear instructions. Instructors should provide specific due dates and requisite instructions.

Try to create small groups

In order to make sure an active participation from all of the students, it’s better to create small sized groups. Such groups can be handled well as compared to bigger groups that tend to become unresponsive.

Continual monitoring and support from instructors

Students might require assistance from time to time and an educator should be immediately available for resolving their queries. Passing instructions through synchronous video sessions is a great way to tale care of this part.

Defining proper guidelines to ensure active participation

Certain guidelines need to be created to ensure better participation in an online group. The students should know how they can collaborate with their peers.

The above strategies are just a way towards better online collaboration. There is a lot that educators can experiment in this regard and there is always scope for something new.