Ill effect of homeschooling

Homeschooling have started becoming a trend again. As Schools are not being able to perform and the teachers are not able to retrieve the best from a lot of children, parents have started considering the option home schooling. Most of the schools are over-stuffed with children and the education delivered is not personalized, which hinders the learning abilities of children as every individual is has his or her own approach to understand what is being taught. There is a problem but this necessarily does not mean that taking another approach will overcome the shortcomings of school teaching. Most parents don’t realize that homeschooling has its own problems and can hinder the education of child in unimaginable ways.

Some specific issues are as follows:


Forming bonds and socializing with children of their own age is important for the child’s developmental health and development of social skills. If home schooled, they may be deprived of the chance to form friendships and may suffer socially. The lack of socialization may affect them in later stages of life.

Lack of Facilities

It is quite impossible that a home can be as well-equipped as a regular school in terms of facilities. For classes that require experiments like physics and chemistry, it can be hard to get all the necessary chemicals, materials, apparatus, and so on. The home would also lack facilities for sports facilities as well.


Some parents may be too overbearing or impatient, which may cause the child to react in a negative manner. It is may be hard for parents to draw the line between educator and parent in the child’s mind.


Some children need to be challenged to excel in their studies. In this sense, they thrive when they are involved in some competition. Children who are homeschooled would not have this motivation because most of them are educated separately.

Hence before taking a decision, parents should consider these ill effects and choose what they thing is better for their child. Furthermore to solve the problems of schools, the management should take help of technology and install school management software so that teachers can focus on children instead of dedicating time in managing the school.