3rd unit test postponed by Rajasthan Board

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has postponed the 3rd unit test of all the classes for all the schools that are affiliated to the board. The tests were scheduled to take place from January 13, 2016 to January 15, 2016, but they were cancelled at the last moment and new test dates were provided on January 12, 2016. As per the order, the tests will now take place from January 27, 2016, to January 29, 2016. The board in its order did not provide any reason for postponing the tests, but as per some news releases, there could be few legitimate reasons.

Why the change?

Though the board has not provided any reason for the change but one of the few rationalized and legitimate reason could be that there was a sudden decrease in the temperature and winter has gotten colder especially in the regions of Bikaner and Sikar district, so keeping in mind that the students should not fall ill because of cold the board might have decided to take this step. Another valid reason could be the realization of the festival of Makar Sankranti that falls on either 14th of January or 15th of January every year. But the date is not fixed as the festival is celebrated at per the Indian calendar so it could not have been planned in advanced and resulted in a change.

Impact on students

This postponement of tests can have both negative and positive impact on the students. The positive aspect is that students will most definitely get more time to prepare for the tests while on the other hand the negative aspect would be it would delay the finals tests as well making the term longer than usual. Also, when the tests are cancelled at the last moment some of the students might get demoralized as they have already prepared for the tests and are in the right mindset to take the tests.