New Technology for school transportation


For many students, a morning spent waiting out at the bus stop in the elements – the wind, rain, cold and heat – is part of the school day routine. Now, a new software hopes to change the waiting game by allowing some parents to connect to the buses their children are riding. The software lets parents know exactly when a bus will arrive by connecting parents and school officials to the bus as it’s tracked by global positioning systems or GPS. When a school signs up for the service the software sends out messages and alerts to parents who download it, letting them know about delays, perhaps a change in bus number and even a substitute driver on their child’s route.

GPS for buses

In order for the software system to work, school buses must have GPS systems on board. Updates on bus routes come directly from the school’s transportation staff. For safety purposes, schools can limit who can see that information. When a child is sent out to the bus stop, sometimes it’s two or three hundred meters away from the home so this software definitely brings peace of mind the parents knowing that their child does not have to wait out there in the cold or in the rain or potentially long amounts of time in the dark that can become unsafe early in the morning.

Peace of mind for parents

This technology definitely helps keep parents informed about their child and in today’s time information is the key to the problem. Not only students get relieved from this software, schools also get a dose of advancement. They can always monitor their buses and the management can take precautionary action 
if anything is to go wrong. This technology can also be integrated with school management software and can be brought upon a larger platform, helping schools in rationalizing the measures to create a perfect and safe environment for their students.