Vocational education: pros and cons

Vocational Education
What is vocational education?

Any training, through an established system, that tends to develop a specific skill set in any individual on which the individual can depends his or her life on is identifies as vocational education. To deal will all aspects of any given trade the vocational training directly develops expertise in techniques related to technology, skill and scientific techniques. Different countries practice vocational education in different ways some countries are way to focused of such education while other maintain their distance and only incorporate small distinctive aspects in the main stream education system.

Pros of vocational education

Vocational education focuses on development of skills making an individual competent enough in the modern world. It empowers them to be capable enough to be a part of bigger mechanical process and gets a sense of awareness to them. It not only provides them to make a comfortable livelihood but also helps them further develop the peculiarities of any given trade they have been working in. With vocational education individual do get a certain push forward in life. Vocational education also induces a workforce that is capable of doing the job hence it increases the productivity of any given trade and helps in national development.

Cons of vocational education

In spite of the fact that it turns individuals capable to make a comfortable livelihood it also in turn make then vulnerable to the same skill that they have developed during vocational education. There is also existential crisis because the world is moving very fast and if a certain skill set valuable today it might go obsolete tomorrow making the very individual an un-resourceful person. This can lead in destruction of an entire sect of community that has been train to do a specific type of work.