Bringing foreign Education to India

Foreign education
With the new Modi government that was established at the end of 2014, have brought in a lot of new ideologies and changes. In a plan to boost the Indian economy, the Indian government is trying to bring in foreign institutions in India. This will help in two ways, firstly it will provide a great exposure to the students who find it difficult to go abroad for higher education and secondly it will save a lot of money
that flows out of the country along with the students who go abroad.

The actual plan

The UPA government proposed a bill, which will allow any foreign university to come and open an independent campus in India and operate as per their standards. Now, the new government is taking steps to pass this bill and make it a pet project. The bill is named as Foreign Education Institution Bill will empower the universities to offer a degree to students without needing to partner with any local organization of the university. This will also ensure that the university keeps the minimum amount of funds in India so that there is not much outflow of money.

Pros and Cons

The bill is still under debate and being pondered upon the very aspects of the positive and negative impact that this bill can have on the current education system. Some believe that this bill will bring in a lot of competition for the current educational institutions and this competitiveness will, in turn, elevate the standards of education. While others have a valid point consisting that this step could lead to
commercialization of educations and the gap of educated and uneducated will increase drastically, hence missing the entire objective of the bill which is to educate everyone in India.