Institute Management Software: A Smart solution to age-old problems in institutions

Technology is changing in every sphere encompassing business, management, information systems, and even the education sector.Education and learning have come a long way and the way education is imparted has taken a completely different approach. The new era is paving a way for technology to take over and augment learning at the institutional level. Adopting institute management software is one big step the educational institutions are taking towards revolutionizing education. Our software too has been playing a significant role in revolutionizing education and institutional management. Let’s get to know some of the benefits that can be realized by switching to institute management software like ours.

Intelligent Reports Generation

Creating reports, customized to the various requirements demand immense manual work which is quite time consuming and becomes almost impossible at times. With institute management software at your disposal, creating intelligent reports becomes really easy. You can create reports for auditing and analysis like subject wise result report; exam wise result report; result analysis report; and reports to get access to the key performance indicators (KPIs) like revenue, salaries paid, employee leaves, etc. There is a facility to generate online reports as well.

Expense Management

Tracking and managing the expense data in an institute becomes quite confusing at times, especially when the expenses are not constant and keeps changing on a monthly basis.Our software allows easy management of these kinds of expenses by providing a unique way of storing their information.This systematic storage of expense information provides an opportunity to regulate the expenses as well.

Student Management
Student Management is a critical problem in institutions.The institute management software allows you to manage student data with powerful search. You can even manage student photographs, manage or move students across sessions and maintain student attendance. Other features include printing transfer certificates and student identity card; maintain previous educational history and send birthday notifications.

Result Management
Result Management is indeed a tedious task requiring a lot of efforts and manual work. Institute management software makes this process a hell lot easier by allowing you to define subjects and exams at class, section or students level as according to your requirements; define minimum and maximum marks; print hall permits; store results; view and print report cards; and send SMS notifications. You can even publish online results.

Transportation Management
Maintaining large information base of students with varied transportation details is a really tough task.The institute management software allows you to properly manage your vehicles, define and manage transportation routes and fees for various students, and print travel cards.

Library Management
The management software provides a smarter way to library management. You can keep track of books being issued, returned or added new to the library; view book issue history and print consolidated reports.

Employee Management
Managing employee data again requires a considerable amount of time and efforts. The software facilitates easy employee and teacher management. It makes the process of storing and managing the employee records like their personal details, salary and leaves quite simple. You can print salary slips, manage leave based deductions and print consolidated salary reports.

The software also provides an efficient inventory management and fee management facility. With this wide pack of services being offered by the institute management software, it, undoubtedly, should be deployed in schools and colleges to foster a managed and organized education system.