Employee Management Software

The employee management software records and organizes all employee details, thereby enabling quick access to the employee information, and effective management of the employee payroll and leave system. The module allows you to store all info on your academic and non-academic staff like personal details, salary details, guardian information and so on. You can even generate reports like list of all employees, salary reports, etc., for quick analysis.

A complete list of features includes

  •  Maintain Employee Information: The software empowers you to store all employee details from their very admission to the exit. You can even add pictures and other additional information.
  •  Employee Search: The software manages employee data with powerful search feature. You can see your list of all the employees; capture any sort of employee related information such as personal details, guardian information, and so on.
  •  Maintain Salary Details: The system allows you to manage all of the employee salary details in an organized fashion. You can even prepare salaries by specifying certain components and it all becomes as easy as a few clicks. You can even specify additional information such as tax percentage and the related.
  •  Employee Leave List: The software comes with an efficient leave management system. You can manage your employee leaves and implement leave based deductions very easily.
  •  Send SMS notifications: You can even send SMS notifications to your employees to inform them about their salaries or other important information.
  •  Print Employee I-Card: With employee management software, you can print beautiful identity cards for your employees.
Other features:
  •  Print salary receipts
  •  Add comments
  •  Print consolidated salary reports
  •  Normal and Detail Salary Receipt Search

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