Sms Notifications

This is the perhaps one of the most powerful modules which connects institutes with parents, students, employees and a whole lot of other people that are connected to them in certain ways. These people may include anyone from a vendor and maintenance agents to bus and cab drivers. Any information, generalized or personalized, can be passed on to these people via SMS on their mobiles. Such information may include holiday notifications, fee reminders, birthday wishes, student absent information to parents or any other general information.

The typical features of this module include:

• Contact List: The software enables you to maintain a complete list of contacts that you would like to send messages to. These contacts may include vendors, drivers or any other people connected to your institute apart from the students, teachers or parents. You can search for a particular contact and send them messages as and when required for effective communication. • Message Search: The system maintains a complete list of the messages being sent by the system. So, if you want to search for a particular message that has already been sent by the system, you can search for it; or if you want to see the entire list, you can do that too.

Benefits of SMS Notification module:

The SMS notification module is seamlessly integrated into the software to enable you to send following pre-formatted messages with just a few clicks.

Student Management

Student Management is a critical problem in institutions.The institute management software allows you to manage student data with powerful search. You can even manage student photographs, manage or move students across sessions and maintain student attendance. Other features include printing transfer certificates and student identity card; maintain previous educational history and send birthday notifications.

Result Management

Result Management is indeed a tedious task requiring a lot of efforts and manual work. Institute management software makes this process a hell lot easier by allowing you to define subjects and exams at class, section or students level as according to your requirements; define minimum and maximum marks; print hall permits; store results; view and print report cards; and send SMS notifications. You can even publish online results.

Transportation Management

Maintaining large information base of students with varied transportation details is a really tough task.The institute management software allows you to properly manage your vehicles, define and manage transportation routes and fees for various students, and print travel cards.

Library Management

The management software provides a smarter way to library management. You can keep track of books being issued, returned or added new to the library; view book issue history and print consolidated reports.

Employee Management

Managing employee data again requires a considerable amount of time and efforts. The software facilitates easy employee and teacher management. It makes the process of storing and managing the employee records like their personal details, salary and leaves quite simple. You can print salary slips, manage leave based deductions and print consolidated salary reports.

The software also provides an efficient inventory management and fee management facility. With this wide pack of services being offered by the institute management software, it, undoubtedly, should be deployed in schools and colleges to foster a managed and organized education system.