Transportation Management Software

The transportation management software is a complete solution for your school or college’s transport management needs. It manages and optimizes your entire transportation operation to ensure a secured and efficient transport of students to and from your institute. You can define and maintain vehicle and routing details, college transportation fees, and track the number of students using the transport facility.

A typical list of features our transportation management software provides includes:

  •  Vehicle List: The software enables you to define a complete list of vehicles your institute owns and runs.
  •  Stop List: With this feature, you can define a complete list of stops for your running vehicles. You can even specify different stops within a same locality.
  •  Route List: This option allows you to define different routes for your vehicles; a single route may consist of multiple stops.
  •  Student Vehicle List: In student vehicle list, you can define students and their respective vehicles apart from other relevant details like registration number and driver capacity of the vehicle. It helps administration to keep track of which vehicle student is going in through the entire pick and drop.

Other important features:

  •  Print travel cards for students: The transportation management software even facilitates the printing of bus/travel cards for students. This card will have a start and end date which is quite helpful in fee calculation at the end of month.
  •  Generate reports: You can print consolidated reports; for example, all students traveling on a specific route or vehicle.
  •  Powerful search: You can search students based on routes, stops or vehicle.
  •  SMS notifications: You can even send SMS notifications to students. For example, if a bus encounters any technical problem due to which it would not be possible to pick the students from a certain stop, you can inform the students about the same.

The transportation management module, undoubtedly, features an effective management of your school or college transport. It has everything in its pack to make your administration process easier and quick.

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