WebSite Management Software

Online presence is one of the primary areas where institutes are struggling these days. Either most of the institutes don't have any online presence or if they do have, the information is often unstructured and outdated and so it is not helping anyone. Several factors are involved here including cost and slow updating process primarily due to the outsourcing of work to the external web development companies.

Our website management software seamlessly integrates into the institution management software to help you build or update web-pages like word documents much similar to a CMS. The only difference being the integration of the module with the software to push the data online; for e.g. results, reports, etc. All of the complexity of presenting information online is handled in background, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

The second best part about this website management software is that you can upload photos of various events in real time and students can download several useful materials including summer assignments, time-tables etc.

Salient features of the website management software include

  •  Create and update web-pages like word documents
  •   Create web-pages offline and publish via internet connection
  •   Post online results for students with a single click
  •   Maintain beautiful online photo galleries
  •   No additional cost of dealing with hosting companies or web development teams

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