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Institute Management

Automate everything ranging from fee, results, attendance, salary, library, transportation, etc. with Intelligent software built with latest technology.


Students login to access fee, results, attendance, etc. from anywhere. High performance website with albums, documents, SEO & social media.


Awesome iOS and Android native app with gallery, documents, events, push notifications etc. Keep everyone informed with reliable SMS notifications.

Institute Management Features

Comprehensive solution with easy to use features.


Grades and marks system with beautiful reports cards.


Maximize on time revenue with pending fee reminders.


Easy to maintain and track student presence.


Manage student across sessions. Attach photo, comments & docs.


Easy teacher management including leaves & salary.

Other stuff

SMS Notificaitons, Library, transportation, inventory, reports.

Student & Parents Login

Student information accessible from everywhere and on all devices.

Student profile

Secure personalized login credentials for every student and parent to empower with information.

Online Payments

Simple overview of all receipts and upcoming fee. Pay fee online with few clicks.


Easy to track student presence in institute on daily basis.


Facilitating parents to monitor and track their ward’s progress.

Beautiful Website & Apps

Stay connected with students and parents.
Share important and relevant information with students and parents like message from Director/Principal, upcoming events, photos of functions/events, holiday homework or documents, contact information, etc. on all devices with beautiful responsive website. Plus iOS and Android native app with push notifications.
Let people find your institute on the internet and share the amazing picture with everyone on the social media.
Website and app are absolutely and will stay free. We will even help you to build good website and app.








Affordable Packages

30 day money back guarantee // 24x7 support // FREE Setup // DATA Load // 30 days Gold Support

Silver Plan


  • Institute Management
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Website
  • Free updates
  • Software Installation
  • SLA 8 business days

Gold Plan


  • Institute Management
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Website
  • Free updates
  • Software Installation
  • SLA 4 business days
  • 12 Visits/Year
  • 1 Email address
  • Push notification
  • Current years data load
  • 100 SMS/Year

Platinum Plan


  • Institute Management
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Website
  • Free updates
  • Software Installation
  • SLA 2 business days
  • 30 Visits/Year
  • 2 Email address
  • Push notification
  • 5 years data load
  • 2000 SMS/Year
  • SMS ID

Amazing Journey

We believe technology is a game changer, specially in education domain. It can help students, parents, teachers and management to stay connected and exchanging information almost in realtime while utilizing internet, mobiles, etc. It can enable institute to focus more on providing quality education while simplifying and automating day to day tasks.
During the summer of 2008, it all started with a simple idea to empower educational institutes with free software that is easy to use, automate several day to day tasks. With quick initial prototype we were already able to help few institutes with basic stuff like results, fee, salary, etc. The feedback was very positive so we continued development. As we work very close to institutes product development team continuously receive feedback and push at least two major release every year. We managed to do this from many years and result is smart software with wide range of features.
Meanwhile, we realised that institutes not only love our software but also like our presence and attitude towards making things work. After requests from many institutes we started offering dedicated support however we are still providing free software to institutes.
  • Mar, 08
    EducationStack was founded.
  • Nov, 08
    Developing school management software.
  • Aug, 09
    Sold first subscription to school in Bikaner.
  • Mar, 10
    New revenue stream with SMS.
  • Aug, 10
    New cities Jaipur & Sri Ganganagar.
  • Jul, 11
    Webpage, online result & multi branch.
  • Mar, 12
    100 customers.
  • Jan, 13
    Media Event for schools in Jaipur.
  • Dec, 13
    200 customers.
  • May, 14
  • Sep, 14
    Android app for school & colleges.
  • Jan, 15
    300 customers, +60 students, new city Delhi.
  • Feb, 15
    Launched IOS app.
  • Mar, 15
    Blogs on educational topics.
  • Now
    Saas Solution with focus on mobile Expand to 1000 customers.

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